Buying a home secures your piece of The American Dream. However, renting a home or an apartment doesn’t provide any equity for you or your family. Homeownership enables you to build wealth versus paying off your landlord’s mortgage loan.

Why Should You Buy a House?
Purchasing a house will enable you to create a home for your family.
With your home, you’ll have priceless moments that you’ll cherish with your loved ones.
When you buy a house, you can make home improvements that you desire and have as many pets as you want.
Unlike renting a house or an apartment, where you might frequently move at the end of your lease, you can choose the length of time that you live within your home.
You could sell your home in a year or two, list your home for rent or reside in your home for more than 30 years.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Home?
Deciding to buy a home instead of renting can lead to a lifestyle that enhances your financial opportunities.
Here are some reasons that’ll position you to thrive with homeownership:

• Long-term financing
• Fixed-rate mortgage loan
• Tax savings (confirm with your tax advisor)
• Property appreciation
• Ability to customize your home without permission
• Lower monthly payment versus comparable properties (typically)
• Opportunities to borrow against the equity in your home
• Options to refinance your existing mortgage loan

You gain an asset that’ll enhance your family’s comfort when you own a home.

How Can You Buy a Home?

When you understand the requirements and the process, buying a home is not as difficult as it seems.
Some people are discouraged by the thought of applying for a home loan.
If you’ve paid your rent, credit cards and other bills on time for the past year, you might have a favorable credit profile.
Speaking with an experienced lending professional can help you determine if you’re qualified to buy a home.
ASJ Mortgage Solutions is a licensed mortgage company that helps home buyers obtain affordable mortgage loans in Arizona, Michigan and Indiana.
One of our licensed loan officers will review your credit score, your income and available funds to see just how much you can spend toward a home.
We’re here to guide you through the home buying process, answer any of your questions and to help you become a happy homeowner.
Contact ASJ Mortgage Solutions today or call us at: (480) 422-4380.

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